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Sat, Jun. 11th, 2016, 08:24 am
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Tue, Dec. 6th, 2005, 11:24 am
immortaliving: (no subject)

Hello, My name Is Gavin and Im new to this community. Im 17 years old and currently just got dumped. So I haven't been kissing lately. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures with me today, of me kissing another boy but Yes I do. I don't consider myself as too big a slut, but the whole relationship thing, really isn't happening for me. (as of right now,) Boys are being ass holes, and the last one, (to whom I was supposed to move in with at the end of the year) broke it off with me, leaving me with no plans what so ever to do after high school. It sucks horribly. But enough about my complaints. Like I said, Im 17 years old and live in a small town called Freeport in norhtern Illinois.(not any boys here.) I have black hair and really long emo bangs and short and spikey hair in the back. I hate labels, but for those of you that simply love them, I'd prolly be considered goth/punk. I dunno, I like to get a little full of myself when Im saying " Im Hot!" Im Gay, of corse, and Im single so if any of those boys are looking for a kissing buddy, Im right here! ~Love the Kinky lil gay boy!~

Another form of contact:
Email- SexyLilgayBoy_88@yahoo.com
VF:SexyLilGayBoy_88@Vampire Freaks.com
~~!!!~~ *kisses*

Thu, Apr. 28th, 2005, 04:15 pm
wiccanrocka: (no subject)

I am a 20 year old bisexual female from the state of Indiana in the United States. I receive newletters from the Human Rights Campaign and was recently informed of a bill introduced to the U.S. Congress that would repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" policy currently enforced among homosexuals in the United States Military. Basically, any known homosexual will be prevented from joining the military or discharged from the military simply because they are gay. This new bill, called the Military Readiness Enhancement Act, would do away with "don't ask, don't tell" and institute complete tolerance of homosexuals in the military.

I wrote to my state representative, voicing my opinion on the bill, and asking him to support it. My request was denied. Apparently, my congressman believes that "homosexual activity is prejudicial to the good order and discipline of the armed services. For that reason, [he] oppose[s] any efforts that would allow known homosexuals to enter into or continue service in the military."

Now, I'm not a naive person, and I did not expect miracles. But I do believe that this world is gradually changing. As homosexual, bisexual, and transgender people are being more open about their sexuality, we are starting to be accepted for who and what we are. Change will not happen in a day... it may not even happen in a decade.

However, we need to let our voices be heard now, so that we can start changing the future one person at a time. For this reason, I'm asking you, whoever you are, wherever you're from, and whatever your sexuality is, to write to the United States Congress in support of this bill. It may not be passed and made into law, but at least we will let the U.S. government know that gay, bi, and transgender people everywhere are willing to stand up for their rights.

If you've gotten this far, thank you for reading, and please show your support for all homosexuals in the military by writing a letter today.

Megan LeRoy

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Wed, Mar. 9th, 2005, 11:37 am
luvrentboy: (no subject)

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Fri, Feb. 25th, 2005, 12:59 pm
luvrentboy: (no subject)

Me and my boyfriend just celebrated our 5th year anniversery.

Tue, Nov. 30th, 2004, 09:48 pm
whispingheather: (no subject)

Poll #394727 The Gay Boy Poll

How much do you like gay boys?

Mean: 9.61 Median: 10 Std. Dev 1.07

What do you think of Gay Boys?

Please, I'm a fag hag. (or I am a gay boy)
They're cute.
I don't care. They're just people.
They're pretty gross, but I can ignore them.
Really Disgusting. They should die.

Thu, Nov. 18th, 2004, 10:22 am
fishinthewater: (no subject)

Where all the bad tshirts go

Wed, Nov. 17th, 2004, 12:29 am
crombie009: JOIN!!!

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